Devil Circuit is Here! Are you gutsy enough to take up this challenge?

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Devil Circuit is Here! Are you gutsy enough to take up this challenge?

Ever felt that Epinephrine hit like you’re standing at the verge of the world? That one leap that knocks the wind out of you?

Imagine all of that, on a 5km rugged track with fifteen obstacles made-to-order to check your physical and mental fitness! Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit is the biggest obstacle run in India and it is coming back to your town.

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What's the word on the City Street?

Somebody said once - It’s better late than never. So, gear up yourself for some nerve- chilling adventure on 10th February 2019. Smear within the mud, go slushing within the ice, scale through the hurdles and save yourself from the bruises as this obstacle course is actually a nightmare that may challenge your wits.

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Inside Scoop  

Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit is all concerning pushing your limits and reaching levels of an extraordinaire that you just you’ve been concealing all this whereas. Play human foosball, dance with strangers, get insane photos clicked and leave with an ever-lasting experience!

At the party zone, they will keep you entertained with live music, Zumba performances, mud soccer, beach volleyball, DC Park and a bunch of alternative fantastic goodies!


Local Samosa Bites

So watch this area, and don’t forget to seize your probability to be a DevilSlayer with ticket prices starting from Rs 1050 for non-competitive and Rs 2500 for a competitive category.

I'm game let's plan

When- 10th Feb 2019

Where- Kanota Road, Nayla, Naya Bagh, Jaipur

Time-6:00AM - 5:00 PM

How to book tickets?

Book Your Tickets now on

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